Meet Costas, one of Lendhub’s BDMs

Costas has been in the industry for a number of years, working for both mainstream and alternative lenders. His experience allows him to adapt to different situations and tackle any obstacles head on.

Costas, what’s your role at Lendhub?

As the Business Development Manager my role is to network with active brokers in the industry and promote Lendhub, keeping them up to date with our products and criteria. I am the eyes and ears of what’s going on in the industry. You will often find me attending or exhibiting at industry events, where I enjoy building new relationships– that’s when I’m not on the golf course!

What makes Lendhub different?

Lendhub has a refreshing can do attitude.
With Lendhub you have direct access to the decision makers. The experienced team truly understand property and have the ability to take a commercial view when appropriate. With our understanding of the complexities, no case is too challenging. We work together as a true team, helping each other always with a smile!

Each case we deal with is different making it a really interesting environment to work in. At Lendhub we really do value our relationships with brokers and work closely to build lost lasting partnerships.

What changes have been made to Lendhub?

Lendhub is still a newcomer and we have all worked hard to lay the foundations to enable us to evolve and grow. Now that the foundations have been laid, we are building real momentum and enjoying the next exciting phase. It is amazing to be a part of this exciting journey. We now have a great team on board and have a number of exciting surprises in store for the very near future.

What is key to being a successful Business Development Manager?

Being approachable and accessible is imperative to being successful. My phone is never switched off! Keeping my brokers up to date with their cases is very important whilst also managing their expectations. I know our policies and criteria inside out and know what we will do and what we won’t. This gives me the support of the Managing Director to be able to make promises that I can deliver on. Nothing is worse for me than agreeing an enquiry and not being able to deliver on my promise. It is vital to have a good working relationship with our broker partners, understanding both their requirements and their client’s requirements.

Tell us more about you, do you have any hobbies?

I am an avid golfer playing off of a handicap of 8. I often meet with my brokers for a round of golf which allows us to have uninterrupted time to discuss new business. Get in touch if you fancy a round!
I also enjoy eating out and don’t need any excuse to turn on my barbecue, rain or shine!