Lendhub names The Butterfly AVM as one of its charities for 2023


Lendhub has been supporting the charity for a number of years, and this year will see them expand their efforts to raise awareness and funds in helping the charity with its cause.

The Butterfly AVM Charity was founded by YouTube and Tik Tok sensation Nikki Lilly who was diagnosed with an AVM at age 8. The charity primarily raises funds for cutting-edge AVM research and offers support to the lives of AVM sufferers and their families.

Arteriovenous malformation (AVM) is a hereditary condition which causes intense pain and has few treatment options, find out more here.

The charity aims to tackle AVMs by funding cutting-edge research to better understand the genetic structure of AVMs and to search for definitive treatments and someday, a cure.

In support of the charity, the Lendhub team has kicked off their fundraising with a company bake off, with more events to follow throughout the year.

Christopher Adamou, Founder and CEO of Lendhub, adds: “I am delighted to announce our selection of The Butterfly AVM Charity as one of our charities of the year for 2023, which supports a cause that is close to our hearts.”

“Being the only charity in the UK that is solely dedicated to raising money for AVM research, myself and my team are committed to raising awareness, and lots of funds, for this lesser-known charity.”

“Lendhub as a workplace is cemented in collaboration and passion, which shines through within our team, and I am confident that our combined efforts over the course of this year will bring great success to the charity and ultimately improve the lives of AVM sufferers.”

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