Lendhub provides rapid £874k loan in just 10 days


Lendhub has completed a bridging loan in an impressive 10 days on a residential property in Harrow.

In response to an urgent enquiry from a new borrower, who was reaching the end of their term with another lender, the Lendhub team swiftly and strategically sprang into action to tackle this time-sensitive case. 

Within a remarkable 10-days from enquiry to completion, we were able to provide an £874k Residential Bridge at 72% LTV, across a 9-month term.

The successful outcome of this case was largely attributed to the collaborative efforts between Lendhub's origination and credit team, notably in this case Business Development Director Darius Shekarrizi and Credit Manager William Phung We also extend a big thanks to Manish Babla from Sterling Professional Finance whose expertise greatly contributed to the speed and efficiency displayed in this case. 

At Lendhub, we take pride in our ability to rapidly assist you in achieving their property investment goals. Our quick, 10-day turnaround time on this case exemplifies our commitment in making our clients’ dreams become a reality. In cases like these, the end goal is always about getting our clients their funds as quickly as possible, and we are pleased to have reached this goal with speed and ease. 

Dairus commented: “I’m really proud of the tireless efforts the Lendhub team put into this case, as well as our valued friends at Sterling Professional Finance. This case perfectly showcases how transparency and communication between all parties are key driving factors behind completing deals quickly.”

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